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Day 1 – Monday 11th November


Hall 1

Welcome address
What's new in...
Supported by the Society for General Microbiology
What's new in Resistance Surveillance  | Professor David Livermore
Whats new in The inmmunity and infection research agenda  | Speaker tbc
Whats new in MERS-coronavirus  | Dr Alison Bermingham
Hall 1 - Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics for the Clinician
Antibiotic pharmacokinetics in special patient populations  | Dr Pier Giorgio Cojutti
Antifungal pharmacodynamics: choosing the right agent, dose and duration  | Professor William Hope
Antibacterial pharmacodynamics: choosing the right agent, dose and duration  | Professor Alasdair MacGowan
What's new in... the treatment of complicated urinary tract infections?
Chair:  | Dr Kieran Hand
Update on current management options for difficult UTI  | Dr Ann Pallett
Practical challenges in diagnosis of uncomplicated and complicated UTI  | Dr Rao Gopal Guduru
2013 Garrod Lecture
Global access to effective antibiotics -bridging the gap between science and policy  | Professor Otto Cars
Antibacterial agents
Microbial resistance, antimicrobial surveillance and antimicrobial use
Resistance surveillance - the UK landscape  | Professor Alasdair MacGowan
Emerging Strategies for Control of Multidrug Resistant Organisms in Health Care Environment  | Dr Roy Chemaly
Surveillance of antimicrobials - establishing a national point prevalence survey system  | Speaker tbc
Whats new in HIV Management
Prospect for HIV cure in adults  | Dr John Frater
Early treated infants and the Mississippi baby  | Speaker tbc
The future of HIV services in the new NHS  | Dr Simon Barton

Hall 9

Hall 9 - Use and formulary positioning of antibacterials/antifungals
Echinocandins  | Dr Elizabeth Johnson
Ceftaroline  | Professor David Livermore
Fidaxomicin  | Professor Mark Wilcox
Daptomycin  | Dr Andrew Seaton
Hall 9 - Antifungal agents
Bacteraemia beyond MRSA
Chair:  | Mr Martin Kiernan
Gram positive bacteraemia  | Professor Jean-Christophe Lucet
Gram negative bacteraemia  | Dr David Enoch
Central-line associated bloodstream infections  | Professor Peter Wilson
Clinical conundrums - What is the evidence?
Chair:  | Dr Brendan Healy
Case 1 - When the Drugs don't work - a case of HSV encephalitis  | Dr Nicola Price
Case 2 - A fungal spore in the csf!  | Dr Susie Froude
Case 3 - A rash case - Infection control management of measles  | Dr Joanna Hargreaves
Case 4 - Stick or twist - Management options in hepatitis C  | Dr Matthejis Backx

Hall 10

How to establish a successful OPAT service
Chair:  | Dr Andrew Seaton
The OPAT Initiative 2013 and beyond - including results of 2013 Audit  | Dr Andrew Seaton
Presenting a credible business case to your Trust - lessons learned since 2009  | Dr Graeme Jones
Developing a nurse-led OPAT service  | Speaker tbc
Consider the patient,the drug and the device - how do you choose?  | Mr Tim Hills
OPAT Good Practice Recommendations application within paediatrics  | Dr Sanjay Patel
OPAT & Antibiotic Stewardship  | Dr Frances Sanderson
Measuring and reporting success: Good database principles and presenting the initial results from the national OPAT registry  | Dr Mark Gilchrist

Hall 11

Free Papers
Vaccines - 2013 and beyond
Biological Weapons and Bioterrorism - The Politics / Healthcare interface
Syndromes associated with biological weapons  | Lieutenant Colonel James Dunbar FRCP (Edin), RAMC (v)
Politics and Biological Weapons ? how does the international community deal with things?  | Professor Malcolm Dando
Biological weapons and dual-purpose biomedical research - a problem or not?  | Professor David Galbreath
Politics and Biological Weapons - how do UK and Irish institutions currently see things?  | Dr Lorenzo Cladi
Round-up  | Dr Tim Brooks
Improving your teaching and testing
Best Practice in Examination  | Dr Emyr Benbow
Improving your teaching to undergraduates  | Dr Bethany Davies
Improving your teaching to postgraduates  | Speaker tbc