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Unlock the Future of Payments: How AI is Transforming the Crypto Industry

• AI is revolutionizing the crypto industry by providing enhanced security and fraud detection, personalized customer experiences, and faster transaction processing.
• AI is also making crypto payment systems more accessible to those who were previously underserved or excluded from traditional banking services.
• By joining a community of like-minded enthusiasts, you can stay updated on the latest developments in the AI-driven crypto sector.

AI Transforming the Crypto Sector

Cryptocurrencies have rapidly become a popular alternative to traditional financial systems, and the fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) with blockchain technology is taking the industry to new heights. Today, AI is transforming the way we handle crypto transactions, making them safer, more efficient, and personalized.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

One of AI’s most significant contributions to the crypto industry is its ability to detect and prevent fraud. By using machine learning algorithms, AI can analyze vast amounts of transaction data in real time, identifying patterns and anomalies that may indicate fraudulent activity. This heightened level of security not only saves businesses millions of dollars but also safeguards consumer trust in digital crypto payment methods.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Another area where AI is making a remarkable impact is in creating personalized customer experiences. By analyzing a user’s transaction history and other relevant data, AI-driven crypto platforms can offer targeted offers, rewards, or discounts tailored to each customer’s unique needs and desires. As a result, consumers enjoy a seamless and customized trading experience while businesses can increase customer loyalty and drive higher sales.

Streamlining Transactions

AI is revolutionizing the way we process crypto transactions by making them faster, more efficient, and less prone to errors. With AI-powered systems manual and time-consuming tasks like data entry and verification can be automated significantly reducing time it takes to complete a transaction Moreover AI algorithms can intelligently route transactions through most optimal pathways ensuring payments are processed quickly securely

Expanding Financial Inclusion

AI is paving way for greater financial inclusion by making crypto payment systems more accessible to those who were previously underserved or excluded from traditional banking services With AI driven platforms its easier verify identity users even areas with limited infrastructure or documentation This enables more people access secure reliable digital payments

Beeple Opens Massive Studio in SC to Showcase NFT Art

• Beeple, an NFT artist, opened up Beeple Studios in Charleston, South Carolina.
• The studio will showcase art from artists worldwide, including his own.
• The 50,000-square-foot studio features a 13,000-square-foot gallery and experiential space.

Beeple Brings NFT Art to Massive South Carolina Studio

NFT artist Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, has opened up Beeple Studios in Charleston, South Carolina. After finding success with his digital art and selling his most famous work for a record $69 million at a Christie’s auction on March 12th 2021 the artist has decided to create a massive 50,000 square foot studio dedicated to showcasing art from artists worldwide.

A New Home

Beeple officially inaugurated the studio on Saturday 11th March 2023 and showcased artwork from contemporary NFT artists like Fvckrender, XCopy, Pak Victor Duarte and Refik Anadol. According to Beeple Studios‘ website the legendary artist will continue to use the space to create more pieces in the future. The new art studio consists of multiple spaces such as 13 000 square feet of gallery space and 13 000 square feet of experiential space with plans for it to open up for visits soon.

On The Flipside

The most famous artwork that was sold by Beeple “Everydays: The First 5 000 Days” was sold for 38 525 ETH which converts to approximately $68 million at press time and another piece called “Human One” is the third highest NFT sale raking in 4700 ETH or approximately $28 million.

Why You Should Care

Digital art especially NFT art is breaking into mainstream adoption as reputable institutions showcase these masterpieces in their galleries.Beeples new studio is joining other galleries by creating an immersive in person digital art experience which people can register slots for soon.

Final Thoughts

Beeples new project proves that digital art is quickly becoming accepted as real artwork worthy of being showcased in its own gallery . With this project he also manages to bring together different communities all around the world fostering collaboration between them through digital arts appreciation .

Coinbase Refuses to Refund Lost Funds, Blames User

• Coinbase user Jared Ferguson lost $96,000 due to account draining after receiving an SMS prompt message.
• Coinbase denied responsibility for missing unauthorized transactions and refused to reimburse the customer.
• Coinbase recently launched Base Layer-2 blockchain with transaction monitoring in compliance with the regulators.

Coinbase Refuses to Reimburse Lost Funds

A Coinbase user, Jared Ferguson from New York, has filed a lawsuit against the encryption exchange after losing $96,000 in encrypted assets due to a security breach. The hacker drained the plaintiff’s account 24 hours after he received a text message prompting him to change his password. Despite this, Coinbase failed to flag multiple unauthorized transactions during that period. As a result, the victim’s life savings were wiped out without reimbursement from Coinbase.

Coinbase Denies Responsibility

In response to this incident, Coinbase sent an email stating that it is not responsible for any losses stemming from security breaches and that customers are solely responsible for their own accounts and passwords. Furthermore, similar cases have occurred in 2021 where users had lost considerably smaller amounts of money but were also refused reimbursement by Coinbase.

Crypto Twitter Roasts Coinbase

Unethical practices like this have often made Coinbase customer support the target of Crypto Twitter’s ridicule and criticism. In addition, these issues have caused a decline in its stock price; at press time, it was priced at $62.77 with a 2.7% decrease in 24 hours.

Coinbase Launches Base Layer-2 Blockchain

In order to address regulatory concerns surrounding transaction monitoring as well as other security measures, Brian Armstrong announced that he would be applying such features into their new Base Layer-2 blockchain technology which was recently released by Coinbase.


It remains unclear whether or not Jared Ferguson will receive his much needed reimbursement from Coinbase despite filing suit against them back in May 2022; however it is clear that the company intends on taking further steps towards improving security measures in order to protect its customers better going forward.

Robinhood Receives SEC Subpoena Over Crypto Services After FTX Collapse

• Robinhood has received a subpoena from the SEC and California Attorney General’s Office regarding its crypto services.
• The company said it might be forced to delist some of its cryptocurrencies if they are deemed unregistered securities by the SEC.
• This comes amid a wider regulatory crackdown on crypto in the U.S. with multiple companies being affected, including Kraken, Binance, and Paxos.

Subpoena Received Over Crypto Services

Robinhood, a securities brokerage firm that also offers cryptocurrency services, has revealed that it’s been affected by the collapse of FTX late last year. The company disclosed in a 10-K filing that it received a subpoena from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last December relating to its „cryptocurrency listings, custody of cryptocurrencies and platform operations.“ A subpoena is a formal written order to testify before a court or provide documents during an active investigation. Robinhood also received a subpoena from the California Attorney General’s Office seeking information about its trading platform, business and operations, custody of customer assets, customer disclosures, and coin listings.

Cryptocurrencies Offered By Robinhood

Robinhood currently lists 18 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), and dogecoin (DOGE). The company said that if the SEC deems some of the cryptocurrencies it supports securities, it might be forced to delist them. „To the extent that the SEC or a court determines that any cryptocurrencies supported by our platform are securities, that determination could prevent us from continuing to facilitate trading of those cryptocurrencies (including ceasing support for such cryptocurrencies on our platform).“

Wider Regulatory Crackdown On Crypto In US

The attention Robinhood is getting from the SEC and other institutions seems to be part of a wider regulatory crackdown on crypto in the U.S. Multiple other crypto-related companies have recently been impacted by the SEC’s decisions, including Kraken, Binance, and Paxos.

SEC Cracking Down On Crypto Companies

The SEC has recently ramped up its regulatory war against crypto services companies. For example, a few weeks ago

TruthGPT Chatbot Launches, Inspiring Wave of ChatGPT Tokens

• Elon Musk’s tweet inspires a truth-telling robot-themed cryptocurrency, TruthGPT
• PeckShield reveals honeypot schemes using ChatGPT’s name
• TruthGPT chatbot went live on Telegram and has gained popularity for its sense of humor

Elon Musk’s Tweet Sparks Creation of TruthGPT

Elon Musk recently tweeted about the need for a „TruthGPT“ which inspired the creation of a truth-telling, supposedly objective chatbot. The free-to-use chatbot launched its native token TruthGPT (TruthGPT), which has 728 holders on the Ethereum (ETH) network and is priced at $0.007 with a total market value of $7,707,676 according to Poocoin.app.

Honeypot Schemes Discovered Using ChatGPT’s Name

Crypto security company PeckShield recently announced that there had been a wave of pump-and-dump schemes using the popular artificial intelligence as a cover for scams. According to the report, two schemes have an unusually high sell tax rate, while another two have dropped by 99%. Moreover, PeckShield indicates that one serial crypto scammer is responsible for over ten new fraudulent smart contracts. Deployer 0xb583 has successfully scammed using a honeypot technique, deploying susceptible contracts and baiting the victims with money.

TruthGPT Gains Popularity For Its Sense Of Humor

The TruthGPT chatbot quickly gained popularity on Telegram for having a sense of humor. For example, when asked „What is the truth?“, it warmly responds „Welcome to your awakening comrade! Everyone needs to think for themselves and not just accept what the mainstream media tells them to accept.“

ChatGPT Faces Unexpected Competition From TruthGPT

The emergence of Truth GTP marks unexpected competition for Chat GTP as more people are drawn towards its humorous nature and objective answers. This could be seen in tweets such as “The evolution of Chat GTP has begun” along with “Truth will always be the truth regardless of lack of understanding disbelief or ignorance #truthgpt” indicating its growing user base in comparison to other AI technologies.

Conclusion: New Cryptocurrency Emerges After Elon Musk’s Tweet

In conclusion, after Elon Musk’s tweet remarking that “What we need is a Truth GTP” sparked excitement among crypto Twitter users resulting in the emergence of an alternative cryptocurrency called ‘Truth GTP’ which presents an indie alternative to Chat GTP thanks to its humorous nature and objectivity when answering questions related to truth

Sinbad: North Korean Hackers‘ New Coin Mixer for Laundering $100M

• Elliptic has reported that the infamous coin mixing service Blender has rebranded as „Sinbad“.
• Elliptic notes that Sinbad is being used by North Korean-sponsored crypto hackers, the Lazarus Group.
• Since October 2022, Sinbad has been used to launder close to $100 million in Bitcoin.

Infamous Coin Mixer Rebrands as Sinbad

Elliptic has reported that coin mixing service Blender, which had stopped operating in April 2022 after being sanctioned, has likely rebranded and relaunched as „Sinbad“. According to Elliptic, Sinbad shares the same technology as the sanctioned Blender.

Lazarus Group Uses Sinbad for Money Laundering

Elliptic notes that the Lazarus Group began using the new coin-mixing platform shortly after Blender was shut down. The hackers used Sinbad „to launder the proceeds of Lazarus hacks.“ Elliptic notes that some of the funds from the $540 million stolen from Ronin Bridge in March 2022 and $100 million from Horizon exploit in June 2022 have been funneled through Sinbad.

Coin Mixers Used for Money Laundering

Coin mixers are platforms that obfuscate the source and destination of transactions, allowing people to anonymously send and receive cryptocurrencies. This has made them particularly useful for criminals looking to launder funds. Despite their increasing use in money laundering and receiving stolen goods online, coin mixers can also be used by law-abiding citizens who simply want more privacy when conducting cryptocurrency transactions.

Sanctioned Platform Reopens with New Name

Blender was sanctioned by OFAC (the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control) in August 2022. Since then, blockchain analytics firm Elliptic indicates wallets tied to a suspected Blender operator have sent nearly $22 million worth of crypto through Sinbad’s mixer codes and guarantee letters with a maximum seven-day transaction delay period since its launch last October – totaling close to $100 million laundered through this platform so far.


While it remains unclear why exactly Blender chose a new name for its services, it appears this cryptocurrency platform is still operating under its new moniker – albeit with a much darker reputation than before due to its association with North Korean hackers and money laundering activities on an international scale

Damus Scam Alert: Protect Yourself From Fake Tokens

• Fraudulent tokens have been created on the Ethereum and BNB chains, taking advantage of Damus’ success.
• The Damus team has confirmed that there is no token associated with their project.
• Decentralized social media platform Damus has seen explosive growth in popularity due to its listing on app stores and donations from industry leaders.

Fraudulent Tokens Threaten Popular Platform

Scammers have created fake Damus tokens on the Ethereum and BNB chains, taking advantage of the platform’s success. The Damus team has confirmed that there will be no token associated with their project, warning users of potential dangers posed by these fraudulent tokens.

Damus App Gains Widespread Attention

Decentralized social media platform Damus has caused a stir recently, becoming the fourth most downloaded app in Hong Kong despite being banned from the Chinese app store. Drawn by its success, scammers have created fraudulent tokens that purport to be linked to the Damus app, putting individuals at risk. Security service PeckShield uncovered 15 fake tokens, including one purported honey pot trap and seven others with a high selling tax of 100%.

Industry Leaders Show Support for Platform

The surging tide of fake tokens comes in the wake of the successful launch of the Damus app, which has garnered significant attention in recent days including notable donations from industry leaders such as Jack Dorsey. Users are drawn to features uncommon in traditional centralized social media platforms such as control over content, resistance to censorship, and improved privacy of personal data.

Platform Faces Challenges Despite Growth

Despite its popularity surge, Damus has faced some obstacles including being banned from the Chinese app store and warnings from security services about threats posed by fraudulent tokens. These risks can undermine user trust and damage credibility if not addressed quickly and effectively by platform administrators.


Decentralized social media platform Damus is gaining widespread attention as it experiences explosive growth in popularity due to listing on apps stores and support from industry leaders like Jack Dorsey. However users must remain vigilant against potential threats posed by fraudsters creating counterfeit tokens purporting to be associated with the platform or else risk undermining user trust and damaging credibility of this popular platform.

North Korean Hackers Attempt to Launder $27M in ETH After Harmony Bridge Attack

• North Korean hackers responsible for the Harmony Bridge attack have attempted to launder additional $27 million in Ethereum (ETH).
• ZachXBT, a Crypto Investigative Researcher, reported via Twitter on January 29th that the hackers had just finished laundering another $27.18 million from the Harmony Bridge exploit.
• Upon receiving notification, some exchanges acted quickly, and part of the stolen assets were frozen.

North Korean cybercriminals have once again attempted to steal funds, this time after hacking into the cryptocurrency platform Harmony Bridge. The attack, which was first reported by the FBI, was conducted by two groups of North Korean government hackers and saw them steal 41,000 Ether (ETH) worth $63.9 million.

Now, just two weeks later, the hackers have attempted to launder an additional 17,278 ETH worth about $27 million. Crypto Investigative Researcher ZachXBT reported via Twitter on January 29th that the hackers had just finished laundering another $27.18 million from the Harmony Bridge exploit. According to ZachXBT, the hackers tried to move the funds through exchanges as they did with the $63.9 million on January 13th.

The funds were reportedly sent to six exchanges using three main wallet addresses. Although no names were revealed, ZachXBT notified the exchanges of the transactions. Upon receiving notification, some exchanges acted quickly, and part of the stolen assets were frozen. However, it is currently unknown how much was frozen as the exchanges have not disclosed any further information.

The attack on Harmony Bridge is yet another reminder of how vulnerable the cryptocurrency space is to malicious actors. There have been numerous hacks and scams in the past, and it is important to remain vigilant when dealing with cryptocurrency assets. It is also essential to use secure wallets and exchanges, and to double-check that an address is correct before sending funds.

Celo Wins Social Impact Award at Decrypt’s Crypties 2022 Awards

Bullet Point Summary:
• The Crypties Awards were held in Miami on November 30, and Celo won the Social Impact Award.
• Onstage panels and interviews from conferences and summits highlighted the Crypties 2022 awards.
• Kathleen Breitman spoke at Web Summit in Lisbon about Tezos and how it has used a proof-of-stake mechanism since its inception.

Detailed Article:
On November 30, Decrypt Studios held its inaugural Crypties Awards in Miami, with emcee Josh Ostrovsky („The Fat Jewish“) and presenters from a range of crypto projects. The night was sponsored by Polygon, Filecoin Foundation, Lamina1, Async, BeetsDAO, The Gold Mask, Gem Set, Breakout, Anonymous, Infinite Objects, Ape Water, Decentralized Pictures, and Vault 721. At the award ceremony, Celo was presented with the Social Impact Award, beating out other nominees Ukraine DAO, Dream DAO, Proof of Protest, and Digital Diaspora. Marek Olszewski accepted the Cryptie for Celo from presenter Dan Roberts of Decrypt Media.

The Crypties 2022 awards were also highlighted by onstage panels and interviews from conferences and summits. At the 0xpo Summit, Clay Robbins of Slow Ventures, Sophie Winwood of Volt Capital, and Aron van Ammers of Conviction and AngelBlock discussed raising capital in a bear market. At Web Summit in Lisbon, Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman spoke about how the Tezos blockchain has used a proof-of-stake mechanism since its inception, her admiration for Tendermint, Ethereum and sharding, progressive decentralization, and NFT gaming with Decrypt’s Stephen Graves.

Overall, the Crypties 2022 Awards was a great success, and a testament to the progress made in the crypto industry. With the awards ceremony, onstage panels and interviews, the event showcased the best of the industry and celebrated the success of innovative projects.

Crypto Leaders Share Insights at Conferences and Galas

• Blocknative CEO Matt Cutler spoke at 0xpo Crossroads in San Francisco on November 3, discussing Blocknative and his Web3 origin story.
• The Crypties 2022 awards gala was held in December 2022 at Art Basel in Miami, with sponsors from a range of crypto projects.
• Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman spoke at Web Summit in Lisbon about how the Tezos blockchain has used a proof-of-stake mechanism since its inception.

On November 3, Blocknative CEO Matt Cutler had the opportunity to speak at 0xpo Crossroads in San Francisco, discussing his Web3 origin story and the business Blocknative is developing. Decrypt’s Jason Nelson hosted the discussion, which was focused on misconceptions in the crypto space and how the industry is evolving.

The Crypties 2022 awards gala was held in December 2022 at Art Basel in Miami. During the gala, Josh Ostrovsky („The Fat Jewish“) acted as emcee while presenters from a range of crypto projects presented statuettes in nine categories. The sponsors included Polygon, Filecoin Foundation, Lamina1, Async, BeetsDAO, The Gold Mask, Gem Set, Breakout, Anonymous, Infinite Objects, Ape Water, Decentralized Pictures, and Vault 721.

In addition, Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman spoke at Web Summit in Lisbon about how the Tezos blockchain has used a proof-of-stake mechanism since its inception. Breitman also discussed her admiration for Tendermint, Ethereum and sharding, progressive decentralization, and NFT gaming with Decrypt’s Stephen Graves.

Moreover, a panel was held at 0xpo Summit in San Francisco with Clay Robbins of Slow Ventures, Soona Amhaz of Volt Capital, Sarah Guo of Conviction and formerly Greylock, and Alex Strzesniewski of AngelBlock, discussing how to raise venture money even during Crypto Winter.

All in all, the past year has been a great opportunity for many in the crypto space to share their knowledge, experience, and insights with the public. From conferences and summits to gala events, there have been a range of discussions and presentations from industry leaders, helping to further the development of the crypto space.

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