• Beeple, an NFT artist, opened up Beeple Studios in Charleston, South Carolina.
• The studio will showcase art from artists worldwide, including his own.
• The 50,000-square-foot studio features a 13,000-square-foot gallery and experiential space.

Beeple Brings NFT Art to Massive South Carolina Studio

NFT artist Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, has opened up Beeple Studios in Charleston, South Carolina. After finding success with his digital art and selling his most famous work for a record $69 million at a Christie’s auction on March 12th 2021 the artist has decided to create a massive 50,000 square foot studio dedicated to showcasing art from artists worldwide.

A New Home

Beeple officially inaugurated the studio on Saturday 11th March 2023 and showcased artwork from contemporary NFT artists like Fvckrender, XCopy, Pak Victor Duarte and Refik Anadol. According to Beeple Studios‘ website the legendary artist will continue to use the space to create more pieces in the future. The new art studio consists of multiple spaces such as 13 000 square feet of gallery space and 13 000 square feet of experiential space with plans for it to open up for visits soon.

On The Flipside

The most famous artwork that was sold by Beeple “Everydays: The First 5 000 Days” was sold for 38 525 ETH which converts to approximately $68 million at press time and another piece called “Human One” is the third highest NFT sale raking in 4700 ETH or approximately $28 million.

Why You Should Care

Digital art especially NFT art is breaking into mainstream adoption as reputable institutions showcase these masterpieces in their galleries.Beeples new studio is joining other galleries by creating an immersive in person digital art experience which people can register slots for soon.

Final Thoughts

Beeples new project proves that digital art is quickly becoming accepted as real artwork worthy of being showcased in its own gallery . With this project he also manages to bring together different communities all around the world fostering collaboration between them through digital arts appreciation .