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The Prime Advantage platform

Profit Ratio
Prime Advantage promises its users a 200% return on investment by betting a minimum of 0.02BTC and a maximum of 10BTC. It also claims that all trades are 100% winning.

During our review, we could not prove that all these claims are true. We also found a number of negative reviews from users of investors who have used this app who claim to have lost thousands using this app. Therefore, we cannot endorse their profit ratio claims.

Please be aware that crypto-trading has risks of loss.

How much money can I make with Prime Advantage?

According to Prime Advantage, the platform guarantees a 200% success rate. This means that they believe that every transaction is a winner.

Based on our analysis of Prime Advantage, we find that these earnings assumptions are somewhat exaggerated. You shouldn’t always dream of earning double the amount of bitcoins using this automated investment software. All the alleged profits of this platform are neither proven nor confirmed.

Furthermore, it is important to know that the profits made in trading vary according to the knowledge of each user, and cannot be guaranteed.

The Prime Advantage platform is quite easy to use whether you are a novice or an expert. On the homepage, you can see the table of recent transactions.

However, we found it difficult to understand how the platform and the system actually work.

A mysterious automated software takes care of multiplying your BTC for you.

We find platforms like Bitcoin Trader to be much more transparent and easy to understand, especially for beginners.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Whether it’s depositing or withdrawing bitcoins, the payment process is fairly easy. If you can deposit BTC promptly, you can also withdraw your earnings after the trading session.

The most widely accepted payment method on the Prime Advantage platform is probably Bitcoin. It is therefore imperative to have a BTC wallet in order to double, triple or even quadruple your tokens.

As soon as your name appears on the list of winners, you can withdraw double your bitcoins. In any case, payments are made instantly.

Investors and affiliates alike are pleased with the fact that withdrawals of profits are fast. Within 10 minutes, you get your bitcoins.

Customer Service
Prime Advantage provides friendly and responsible customer support. For all your problems, please contact customer support by opening a ticket.

You will receive an answer to your question within 12 hours of your request. This depends on the number of tickets opened on the platform.


Jump Trading investiert in das Sportfan-Token-Ökosystem Chiliz

Das in Chicago ansässige Hochfrequenzhandelsunternehmen Jump Trading hat in die Sportfan-Token-Plattform Chiliz investiert.

Die Blockchain-basierte Sportplattform Chiliz hat eine Investition des in Chicago ansässigen Handelsunternehmens Jump Trading LCC in nicht bekannt gegebener Höhe besiegelt

Jump Trading – eine firmeneigene Handelsfirma, die vor 20 Jahren von den Chicagoer Futures-Pits-Veteranen Bill DiSomma und Paul Gurinas gegründet wurde – ist seit einiger Zeit im Bereich Kryptowährung tätig und verfügt über umfassendere Aktivitäten auf den globalen Märkten für Futures, Optionen und Aktien. Das Unternehmen ist auf algorithmische und hochfrequente Handelsstrategien spezialisiert und hat Berichten zufolge seit Anfang 2021 Market Making für Chiliz-Token durchgeführt.

Chiliz Jahr ist bisher ein bullish ein , mit seiner nativen Token, CHZ, Schlagen Allzeithoch im Frühjahr dieses Jahres und viele ihres zugehörigen Sportverein Fanen Token sehen große Gewinne im gleichen Zeitraum. Im Gespräch mit Cointelegraph sagte Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO von Chiliz:

„Die Unterstützung von Jump Trading in das Chiliz- und Fan-Token-Ökosystem ist eine Anerkennung für den Sport-Krypto-Raum. […] Es ist auch ein interessanter Schritt, da wir fest davon überzeugt sind, dass Fan-Token ein viel, viel größerer Markt sind als NFTs und digitale Sport-Sammlerstücke. “

Laut Dreyfus konzentriert sich Chiliz auf den Ausbau der Technologieplattform und die Bereitstellung von Nutzen für Sportfan-Token-Inhaber über seine verbraucherorientierte mobile Anwendung Socios.com

„Die Unterstützung von Jump Trading für den Liquiditäts- und Netzwerkeffekt unseres Marktes ist definitiv ein großer Vorteil. Ihr Fachwissen und ihre Ressourcen werden uns und den Clubs helfen, diese Branche weltweit auszubauen, da es sich um ein globales Spiel handelt “, sagte er.

In diesem Jahr hat Chiliz nicht nur neue Clubpartner wie den FC Barcelona , den AC Mailand und Manchester City gewonnen , sondern auch Pläne für eine Erweiterung um 50 Millionen US-Dollar bekannt gegeben , um ein Büro in New York einzurichten und Verbindungen zu nordamerikanischen Ligen und Sport-Franchise-Unternehmen aufzubauen .

Das Unternehmen hat sich außerdem zu einer langfristigen strategischen Partnerschaft mit dem Kryptowährungsaustausch Binance zusammengeschlossen . Ende 2020 kündigte Binance an, dass Chiliz-Fan-Token für die Fußballclubs Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) und Juventus (JUV) auf seiner Launchpool-Plattform vorgestellt werden.

OpenSea welcomes Tezos (XTZ) NFTs on its platform

The popular non-fungible token (NFTs) exchange platform OpenSea now supports Tezos (XTZ). With ever faster development, the Tezos network has many projects in store for its community.

Tezos NFTs join the OpenSea platform

OpenSea dominates the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market with more than 30% par of the global volume . Previously, NFT’s largest marketplace only offered tokens supported by the Ethereum network. Today, OpenSea is further diversifying by offering Tezos NFTs (XTZ) on its platform.

Tezos‘ NFTs are now listed and available on Crypto Bull review. OpenSea collaborators say they are „extremely excited to work with the Tezos ecosystem on this project and […] eager to welcome the Tezos NFT community“ .

The OpenSea platform was won over by Tezos thanks to the growth in the activity of network developers according to their press release . Tezos has observed rapid progress of its XTZ token linked to the steady evolution of its regular upgrades.

Tezos rolls out upgrades to its network every three months thanks to its dramatic reduction in coordination costs. That’s because Delphi, last November’s upgrade, reduced gas consumption by about 75% .

A new upgrade is scheduled for February 13 and will include a brand new feature called “Tickets”, which will allow Tezos components to interact better.

OpenSea plans new projects for Tezos

In mid-January, NFTs trading volumes exploded reaching more than $ 4 million per day on OpenSea and Tezos intends to take advantage of this craze.

Tezos had already experienced a surge in its development activity when the FA2 standard was launched and its number of users continues to increase. Its regular upgrade process has attracted attention. It quickly enabled the efficient integration of innovative technologies while being constantly evolving.

This is why OpenSea will support Tezos in new promising projects . The Tezos network has a long schedule for this year and some future implementations have already been revealed.

OpenSea’s primary objective is to open support for peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges so that its users can instantly view their Tezos NFTs alongside those of other blockchains such as Ethereum. Next, it is expected that Tezos‘ NFTs will be embedded directly on a website and easily shared via Instagram .

The secondary projects of the Tezos ecosystem are numerous and promising. Among them, Wrap Protocol , a tool that will allow the integration of cryptocurrencies from other blockchains into the Tezos network. The addition of Tezos domain names is also on fire and should arrive soon on OpenSea.

Finally, Kolibri, which launched an algorithmic stablecoin on Delphi – Tezos‘ latest upgrade – is also taking part in these new projects.

Analyst: A „perfect storm“ of Bitcoin demand trends is driving the BTC bull trend

Bitcoin has seen an extremely strong rally over the past few weeks and months that has brought the coin from $ 10,000 to $ 24,000. The leading cryptocurrency is currently trading for $ 23,900 after a slight correction.

Analysts say there is a „perfect storm“ of demand trends for Bitcoin that made this extremely strong rally possible.

Bitcoin’s rally is being driven by major demand trends

BTC is expected to continue moving higher in the medium to long term as these demand trends are expected to continue. This is in line with the expectations of many top analysts that Bitcoin will move into the six-digit range in the next two years.

Cole Garner, an on-chain BTC analyst, writes in an extensive Twitter thread why he thinks BTC demand trends are extremely positive. He writes:

“A perfect storm of demand momentum is driving #Bitcoin price. I think something has shifted in the market – and active investors & traders would do well to change their mindset. After years asleep at the wheel, institutional executives are now roused en masse. If they want this asset, they’ll have to make an effort, compete with the crowd, and run FOMO through ATHs. And that against a background of scarcity that you have never experienced before. „

He believes these institutional players will buy Bitcoin no matter what it costs. This should help price evolution over long periods of time as these players use algos to scale into the market over time.

Garner adds that he thinks the Bitcoin halving was never priced in:

“That’s why the halving was never priced in. That’s why I think #Bitcoin is going to $ 35k- $ 40k ahead of a shakeout that’s way worse than anything we’ve seen before. I’m not saying we teleport to $ 40k right now. Only small profits, pretty much every day, for many weeks. “

Who are the buyers of BTC?

That begs the question of who exactly the buyers are. The short answer: Wall Street. The long answer is a bit more complex.

We are seeing a large inflow of capital from various segments of Wall Street.

For example, MassMutual, a life insurance company, bought $ 100 million in BTC a few weeks ago. According to the company, this commitment is an important part of their entry into the financial part of the digital economy.

There are also companies like MicroStrategy and Square that buy Bitcoin for their balance sheets. The idea is that since the US dollar is rapidly depreciating against other currencies and against assets overall, it makes more sense to own BTC or other assets.

Mens XRPs markedsdominans krasjer, øker Bitcoins

Bitcoins markedsdominans er på vei opp. XRP’er krasjer — på grunn av de nylige juridiske problemene.

Kort fortalt

  • Bitcoins markedsdominans nådde sitt høyeste i år: 68,49%.
  • Ripple’s er på det laveste i årevis: 2,26%.
  • Ripples fall skyldes at SEC har anlagt et søksmål på 1,3 milliarder dollar.

Bitcoins markedsdominans øker mens XRP faller på grunn av en SEC-søksmål.

Markedsdominansen til Bitcoin Bank nådde i dag 68,49% – det er det høyeste tallet hele året.

I mellomtiden sto XRP, den fjerde største kryptokurrency etter markedsverdi, på 2,26% når det gjelder markedsdominans.

XRPs markedsdominans har ikke vært så lav siden 2017, ifølge CoinMarketCap-data. Og for bare en måned siden var dens dominans over 5%.

Markedsdominans refererer til prosentandelen en myntes markedsverdi utgjør for hele kryptovalutamarkedet. Det forteller deg mye om hvor bra en kryptovaluta klarer seg, fordi hvis markedsdominansen øker, betyr det at investorer pumper penger inn i mynten — eller trekker ut investeringene i andre mynter.

Bitcoin har alltid hatt den største markedsdominansen, etterfulgt av Ethereum, XRP og Tether, Litecoin eller Bitcoin Cash.

I år har Tether (USDT) kjempet mot XRPs markedsdominans. Nå, etter XRPs dip, ligger den på tredjeplass med 3,2%.

Tether lukkes inn på $ 17 milliarder Market Cap når Bitcoin svever

En del av økningen i USDTs markedsdominans er nede på årets DeFi-eksplosjon; stablecoin brukes ofte på DeFi-applikasjoner. USDT er også den største kryptovalutaen etter handelsvolum.

XRPs deprimerende dukkert er ned til det lovlige rotet kryptovalutaen for tiden er i.

I går inngav US Securities and Exchange Commission en søksmål på 1,3 milliarder dollar mot Ripple Labs, selskapet tilknyttet XRP, og hevdet at selskapet hadde samlet inn beløpet i uregistrerte verdipapirtilbud siden 2013.

Siden da har tre børser sluttet å handle med kryptovalutaen, og tokens pris falt.

-60,72% $ 0,2708
24. nov 28. nov 2. des 6 des 10 des 14 des 18 des

I skrivende stund gikk XRPs pris ned 34% det siste døgnet – til $ 0,318, ifølge CoinMarketCap.

Markedsverdien falt også – med over 30% – fra 21,1 milliarder dollar til 14,5 milliarder dollar.

Bitcoin vinner imidlertid: Kryptovalutas markedsverdi i dag er over $ 438 milliarder dollar, en økning på over $ 6 milliarder dollar siden i går.

Tyler Winklevoss : „Les personnes les plus intelligentes de la salle achètent le Bitcoin tranquillement“.

Les grands noms de la finance continuent d’acheter Bitcoin.

En 2020, plus d’une poignée de géants de la finance traditionnelle se sont emparés de piles de bitcoins (BTC), dont le milliardaire Paul Tudor Jones et la société d’intelligence économique MicroStrategy. Ces investissements font partie d’un flux de grosses entrées d’argent dans BTC, ont récemment déclaré Tyler et Cameron Winklevoss, co-fondateurs de Gemini crypto exchange.

„Ce sont les investisseurs les plus sophistiqués, les personnes les plus intelligentes de la salle, qui achètent le Bitcoin tranquillement, donc ce n’est pas une affaire de FOMO [peur de manquer]“, a déclaré Tyler dans une interview à CNBC, publiée vendredi. Les grandes institutions sont là pour cette opération, contrairement à l’opération de vente au détail de Bitcoin en 2017, a expliqué M. Tyler.

Au cours de cette année, en plus de Tudor Jones et Microstrategy, Stanley Druckenmiller, Jack Dorsey’s Square, MassMutual et Guggenheim Partners ont tous été exposés à Bitcoin. Leurs jeux de crypto s’inscrivent dans un contexte économique mondial instable, où les efforts d’impression de monnaie sont nombreux.

Le bitcoin est souvent comparé à l’or comme réserve de valeur et couverture contre l’inflation. Druckenmiller et Tudor Jones s’alignent sur un tel récit.

ajoute Tyler Winklevoss :

„Vous avez également des sociétés cotées en bourse comme Square et MicroStrategy qui placent leurs liquidités dans Bitcoin parce qu’elles s’inquiètent de l’inflation à venir et du fléau de l’inflation avec toute l’impression de monnaie et le stimulus des verrouillages de la pandémie COVID“.

Interrogés sur la volatilité de Bitcoin en tant qu’actif pour les transactions, les frères ont qualifié Bitcoin de stratégie „d’achat et de conservation“ par rapport à l’or. „Nous voyons actuellement Bitcoin comme une réserve de valeur émergente qui va bouleverser l’or, et cela nous amène à un plafond de marché de 9 billions de dollars pour Bitcoin“, a déclaré Tyler. „Il n’est donc pas nécessaire de l’utiliser comme monnaie, et la volatilité n’a pas d’importance s’il s’agit en fait d’une réserve de valeur“, a-t-il ajouté. Le milliardaire s’attend également à ce que la volatilité de l’actif diminue avec le temps.

Au moment de la publication, la capitalisation boursière de Bitcoin s’élève à environ 335 milliards de dollars, ce qui est loin des 9 000 milliards de dollars, bien que l’actif ait récemment atteint son prix le plus élevé de tous les temps, fixé en 2017.

El océano se rompe y lucha por mantener el apoyo

El océano se rompe y lucha por mantener el apoyo

  • OCEANO se ha roto desde una línea de apoyo ascendente.
  • El precio se está negociando dentro del soporte a 0,41 dólares.
  • OCEAN/BTC se ha roto desde el área de soporte de 2400 satoshi.

¿Quieres saber más? Únete a nuestro Grupo de Telegramas y recibe señales comerciales, un curso de comercio libre y comunicación diaria con los fanáticos de la criptografía!

El Proyecto Fideicomiso es un consorcio internacional de Bitcoin Code organizaciones de noticias que construye estándares de transparencia.

El precio del Protocolo del Océano (OCEAN) se ha roto a partir de una línea de apoyo ascendente que había estado en vigor desde octubre.

Mientras que OCEAN está negociando justo por encima de un área de apoyo menor, los indicadores técnicos sugieren que se romperá y se dirigirá hacia las áreas de apoyo descritas en el artículo.

Desglose de la OCEAN desde el apoyo

El precio del Océano había estado siguiendo una línea de soporte ascendente desde que alcanzó un mínimo de 0,21 dólares el 5 de octubre. Sin embargo, se rompió de la línea el 26 de noviembre y lo validó como resistencia después (se muestra con la flecha roja en la imagen de abajo). Luego reanudó su tendencia descendente.

Actualmente, se está negociando dentro del área de soporte de 0,41 dólares, que coincide con el nivel de retroceso de 0,618 Fibras de todo el movimiento ascendente. La siguiente área de soporte está a 0,30 dólares.

Los indicadores técnicos son decididamente bajistas. El RSI está por debajo de 50, el MACD acaba de volverse negativo, y el oscilador estocástico ha hecho una cruz bajista y se está moviendo hacia abajo.

El gráfico de seis horas a corto plazo muestra que el Océano ha estado siguiendo una línea de resistencia descendente desde el 11 de noviembre. Combinada con el área de soporte de $0.41, la línea posiblemente crea un triángulo descendente, que es un patrón bajista.

Una ruptura que recorre toda la altura del patrón llevaría a OCEANO todo el camino hacia abajo a $0.17.

Tanto el MACD como el RSI son bajistas y apoyan esta posibilidad.

La disminución también encajaría con la posibilidad de que todo el movimiento desde el 18 de agosto sea una estructura correctiva A-B-C (que se muestra en negro abajo), en la que el OCÉANO está actualmente en la onda C.

Si las ondas A:C tienen una relación de 1:1, que es común en tales correcciones, el precio alcanzaría un mínimo de 0,11 dólares antes de comenzar posiblemente a moverse hacia arriba.

Rush for Ethereum 2.0: ETH community is enthusiastic

Rush for Ethereum 2.0: ETH community is euphoric

Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 Phase zero has started. The upgrade marks the beginning of new capital for the ambitious block chain project – the crypto community is euphoric and everyone wants to participate.

The biggest upgrade in Ethereum history went as planned. After years of work, the Genesis block of the ETH 2.0 Beacon Chain has finally seen the light of day. So far, the update has gone without problems and Bitcoin Trader the participation is enormous.
Those who include the shares or bonds of particularly ecological, social and ethical companies in their portfolio can have a targeted impact on the environment and society and at the same time take advantage of yield opportunities. Make your money fit for the future – with Xtrackers ESG ETFs. THINK ESG. THINK X.
powered by finative

The biggest change in Ethereum 2.0 is the introduction of the proof-of-stake (Pos) mechanism. PoS aims to provide a more energy efficient method of securing the block chain network. Validators pay ETH in a Staking Contract and receive a Staking Reward for their services in the form of ETH.

Ethereum 2.0 a blessing for Decentralised Finance?

The launch of the Becon Chain has been celebrated by Vitalik Buterin on Twitter. The inventor of the Blockchain project congratulated all participants and is optimistic about the future of ETH 2.0. The Beacon Chain is intended to take the total number of possible transactions to the next level.

Especially in 2020, many developers in the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) area have seen what it means to develop decentralised applications (dApps) on Ethereum. These developers in particular hope that a solution will finally be found to the problem of relatively high transaction fees.

ETH 2.0 is here and everyone wants to join

The anticipation of the big upgrade has been building up throughout 2020 and is reflected in the Ethereum course. At the beginning of the year, the exchange rate was still at 130 US dollars and currently the rate is scraping against the 600 US dollar mark.

For ETH 2.0, tens of thousands of ETH owners around the world have stocked up on 32 Ethereum, as these are necessary for staking. But also the big ones want to join in and Coinbase, has already announced that it wants to support ETH staking. This makes it possible to participate in staking even without owning 32 ETH. In return, however, one must trust the crypto stock exchange.

Binance also wants to offer a staking service. The announcement was made one day after Coinbase announced its plans. Furthermore, not only a staking service should be possible, but also trading between the original ETH token and the Ethereum 2.0 token. In addition, Binance will offer a double reward programme between 2 and 16 December for all Stakers who have completed comprehensive Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verifications.

However, there are decentralised staking alternatives. The Rocket Pool project, for example, allows staking with less than 32 Ethereum. Investors do not have to trust a central party, but the whole thing works via smart contracts that manage the investors‘ money and use it for staking.

It is still unclear to whom the investors will entrust their money in the future or whether they prefer to take their Ethereum into their own hands to participate in staking.

Guggenheim News ajuda o Bitcoin ‚Cool‘ a quebrar $18K

Às 08:10 UTC de domingo (29 de novembro), o preço do Bitcoin subiu acima do nível de $18.000, aparentemente em outra corrida em direção a seu recorde histórico de $19.870 (que, de acordo com o Índice CryptoCompare, foi alcançado em 17 de dezembro de 2017).

O preço do Bitcoin atingiu a alta intradiária de $19.488

Embora na última quarta-feira (25 de novembro), o preço do Bitcoin atingiu a alta intradiária de $19.488, uma tweetstormenta do CEO da Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, em relação aos rumores sobre os regulamentos para transferências de trocas criptográficas para carteiras não-custódio, levou a algumas vendas em pânico, o que causou liquidações massivas de posições longas altamente alavancadas em trocas como Binance; isto resultou na queda do preço do Bitcoin para o mínimo intradiário de $16.270 em 26 de novembro.

Na semana passada, ouvimos rumores de que o Tesouro dos EUA e o Secretário Mnuchin estavam planejando apressar algum novo regulamento sobre carteiras criptográficas auto-hospedadas antes do final de seu mandato. Estou preocupado que isso teria efeitos colaterais não intencionais, e queria compartilhar essas preocupações.

Desde então, o preço da Bitcoin subiu quase 11%; atualmente (a partir das 12h15 UTC de 29 de novembro), a Bitcoin está sendo negociada a $18.053, 5,26% a mais no último período de 24 horas.

Uma grande notícia que poderia ter contribuído para a recuperação da Bitcoin

Uma grande notícia que poderia ter contribuído para a recuperação da Bitcoin durante este fim de semana é a decisão da empresa global de gestão de ativos Guggenheim Investments de permitir que um de seus títulos mútuos de renda fixa – o Guggenheim Macro Opportunities Fund – „busque exposição de investimento em bitcoin indiretamente através do investimento de até 10% de seu valor patrimonial líquido no Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (‚GBTC‘), um veículo de investimento de oferta privada que investe em bitcoin“.

Na sexta-feira (27 de novembro), o criador do Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, disse que o Bitcoin era „legal“. E a cascata de notícias sobre o interesse institucional no Bitcoin parece ter feito com que o cético Peter Schiff e o cético Peter Schiff percebessem que o Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) institucional pode estar a caminho:

Os touros Bitcoin acreditam que se eles bombearem o preço #Bitcoin alto o suficiente as instituições não terão outra escolha senão comprar por medo de perder. Se assim for, esta seria a primeira bolha na história em que pequenos caras chegam cedo e sofisticados porta-sacos chegam tarde para descontá-los.

No sábado (28 de novembro), Tyler Winklevos, Co-Fundador e CEO da Gemini de intercâmbio de ativos digitais, disse o seguinte sobre a Bitcoin:

O fato de ainda não sabermos quem é Satoshi #Bitcoin’s market cap is $330 bilhões, é uma prova de que Bitcoin fala por si mesmo.

Startups blockchain may win R$10,000 prize with support from Ripple and USP

The event is supported by USP and FenaPRF. Registrations finish this Tuesday (17).

An event will give the opportunity for blockchain solutions startups to win a cash prize.

Aimed as the largest Science and Business Conference in Latin America, SciBiz reaches its third edition in 2020. With support from the University of São Paulo (USP), the event has over 100 speakers.

Between lectures and fairs, some challenges are being proposed for startups. One of them is with the registrations opened until this Tuesday (17). To participate, those interested must have a technological solution that uses blockchain technology.

Even FenaPRF is supporting this challenge, showing interest in the technology.

Startups blockchain may win a prize when participating in a great technology event
In the 2020 edition, the SciBiz 2020 event decided to launch the Blockchain challenge. There will be two categories that will give up to R$ 10 thousand in prizes for participating startups.

The challenge has the support of USP, Inovapol Contest and even the National Federation of Federal Road Police, FenaPRF. In addition, cryptomoeda Ripple supports the challenge, which was named „Challenge SciBiz Blockchain UBRI Ripple.

There will be two categories for interested startups blockchain participants.

„By submitting your project for evaluation, you will compete for a prize of R$ 5,000.00 in two categories:

1- Development of blockchain technology: Technology providers that offer blockchain technology to the market.

2- Solutions with the use of blockchain: Solutions of extended applicability, for all sectors of the economy, with focus on digital transformation and sustainable development“.

The projects presented are already being evaluated this Tuesday, with a maximum evaluation deadline of next Wednesday (18). The results will be published next Thursday (19).

Criptomoeda Ripple has a presence in Brazil, USP and PRF show great interest in blockchain technology
It is worth mentioning that cryptomoeda Ripple has a great prominence in Brazil today. After opening an office in the city of São Paulo, cryptomoeda has been seeking to attract innovations to the Brazilian ecosystem.

In addition, USP has its eye on cryptomoeda and blockchain technology. Recently, USP participated in the UN in an event called Blockchain Central UNGA.

Previously, USP and Htmlcoin had come together to create a solution for Covid-19 detection. This shows that the University of São Paulo, one of the largest in the country, is already involved with several important innovations with blockchain technology.

PRF has already adopted Bitcoin technology in its digital transformation. With the support of the blockchain challenge in the SciBiz 2020 event, the startups could gain great recognition.

With the pandemic, many private and public companies seek to innovate. With blockchain technology being one of the main innovations of recent years, these important institutions interested in the challenge show that they are keeping an eye on the Brazilian technology market, fostering innovations in the sector.

Do you have a startup blockchain and want to participate? Register until this Tuesday in this link here.

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