Profit Ratio
Prime Advantage promises its users a 200% return on investment by betting a minimum of 0.02BTC and a maximum of 10BTC. It also claims that all trades are 100% winning.

During our review, we could not prove that all these claims are true. We also found a number of negative reviews from users of investors who have used this app who claim to have lost thousands using this app. Therefore, we cannot endorse their profit ratio claims.

Please be aware that crypto-trading has risks of loss.

How much money can I make with Prime Advantage?

According to Prime Advantage, the platform guarantees a 200% success rate. This means that they believe that every transaction is a winner.

Based on our analysis of Prime Advantage, we find that these earnings assumptions are somewhat exaggerated. You shouldn’t always dream of earning double the amount of bitcoins using this automated investment software. All the alleged profits of this platform are neither proven nor confirmed.

Furthermore, it is important to know that the profits made in trading vary according to the knowledge of each user, and cannot be guaranteed.

The Prime Advantage platform is quite easy to use whether you are a novice or an expert. On the homepage, you can see the table of recent transactions.

However, we found it difficult to understand how the platform and the system actually work.

A mysterious automated software takes care of multiplying your BTC for you.

We find platforms like Bitcoin Trader to be much more transparent and easy to understand, especially for beginners.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Whether it’s depositing or withdrawing bitcoins, the payment process is fairly easy. If you can deposit BTC promptly, you can also withdraw your earnings after the trading session.

The most widely accepted payment method on the Prime Advantage platform is probably Bitcoin. It is therefore imperative to have a BTC wallet in order to double, triple or even quadruple your tokens.

As soon as your name appears on the list of winners, you can withdraw double your bitcoins. In any case, payments are made instantly.

Investors and affiliates alike are pleased with the fact that withdrawals of profits are fast. Within 10 minutes, you get your bitcoins.

Customer Service
Prime Advantage provides friendly and responsible customer support. For all your problems, please contact customer support by opening a ticket.

You will receive an answer to your question within 12 hours of your request. This depends on the number of tickets opened on the platform.