The Superior Labor Court seeks to train its servers on the evolution of technology.

The Superior Labour Court (TST) is holding a seminar in November, which will even deal with blockchain and smart contracts for participants. The focus of the event is for magistrates and career servers of the organ.

With the judiciary seeing a wave of new technologies emerging in recent years, the sector has been seeking training. This is because the new features have a direct impact on the Brazilian legislation and many magistrates still do not know even the basics.

Some events have sought to better explain the concepts, especially topics such as artificial intelligence, digital society, LGPD, among others. The challenges of digitalization are enormous and with the OVID-19 pandemic many processes have moved towards that.

It is worth mentioning that technologies are innovations that arise before laws. Most of the time, legislation fails to keep pace with this development.

TST is holding a seminar for its servers next November

It is not only in Brazil that the authorities do not yet know the basic concepts of numerous technologies. In recent years the technology sector has advanced a lot and the use of data is taking giant proportions in the world.

Thus, several sectors seek to train themselves on innovations, including the public. In 2020, for example, the Federal Government of Brazil launched the Digital Government initiative, which has driven the adoption of innovations. The purpose is to seek tools that help the public sector to de-bureaucratize and reduce costs.

One of these tools that is the target of studies around the world is artificial intelligence. It can even help resolve legal conflicts extremely quickly, and the technology is one of those that promises to revolutionize the industry.

With this in mind, the National School for Training and Improvement of Labor Magistrates (Enamat) is holding a seminar next November. Called „Digital Law, Data Protection Law and Artificial Intelligence“, the event is closed to TST magistrates and agency servers.

The program of the event was launched last Wednesday and registrations go until November 6. The focus is certainly to help the professionals of the Superior Labor Court to understand concepts of new technologies.

Even blockchain technology and smart contracts will be worked on in one of the panels

The event will last three days and will be broadcast on YouTube. There, magistrates will be able to learn even the concepts of cryptomime technology on one of the panels.

Presented by judge Renata Baião and lawyer Alexandre Zavaglia, the second panel of the event will be „Technologies applied to law: Smart Contracts, blockchain, lawtechs and legaltechs“.

Although the blockchain theme is old, it gained momentum after the launch of Bitcoin, the world’s first functioning cryptomeda. The concept of smart contracts gained fame with cryptomoeda Ethereum, although today it is used by several blockchains.

Finally, it is clear that the judiciary is running to train professionals in digital law. As Livecoins pointed out, the TJSP recently opened applications for a course for judges in São Paulo on Bitcoin technology. In addition, the EXPOJUD event also worked on the topic last week.