is an innovative technology allowing the management of a large flow of information, while improving the decentralization of the protocols served. Since the beginning of November, Aleph has already announced three major collaborations, notably with Starname and the giant Cosmos.

This promotional article was written in collaboration with Aleph.Im.

Starname and the simplification of exchanges

On November 11, announced their new partnership with Starname. Concretely, this technology makes it possible to carry out cryptocurrency transactions, with readable and unencrypted addresses. Like Aleph, this service is qualified as „cross-chain“ , that is to say that it operates on several blockchains simultaneously.

The goal of such technology is to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency-related products, by facilitating the transition between different protocols. At the same time, Starname also allows its users to create personalized pages, on which they can receive payments and display their social networks.

It is precisely on this functionality that intervenes. Indeed, Starname will use a decentralized database provided by Aleph. Thus, the company will be able to store the various profiles and information of the users. This information can subsequently be modified by the user himself via the Starname manager, directly linked to the Aleph database.

Aleph joins Cosmos

Cosmos is a technology intended to evolve the blockchain at a more advanced stage. Indeed, in its original form, the blockchain is made up of several “blocks” partitioned off and unable to communicate with each other.

Cosmos solves this problem with a more technical vision that allows the blocks to interact and scale between them. Very concretely, such an innovation would make it possible to process larger volumes of information more quickly.

Cosmos and Aleph announced their collaboration on November 6. These two companies share some things in common. Indeed, they both have a decentralized view of storage, with more optimized management to manage more information.

„This integration means that we are partnering with one of the most dynamic and forward thinking communities of web builders.“

Press release from Aleph’s team via Medium

This partnership will thus allow new projects to emerge , whether they are new dApps applications , or new DeFi protocols . Note that Aleph already has several partners to its credit. Among them, the excellent Jarvis Network, Orion or Serum.